Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shoe Fetish? Nope!

No, I am not a woman of many shoes, but many children. My dh (Berto), ds (DJ), and I began taking in foster children a little over a year ago. Because we are insane, actually because we have the room, we offered to take in siblings. Don't ever offer to do that unless by "siblings" you mean, "TONS of kiddos all at the same time!" For almost half a year we had 6 kids 6 years old and younger. My mom dubbed me, "The little old mommy who lived in a shoe, had so many children she didn't know what to do."
I am looking at this blog as a way to replace my chocolate habit. Last Valentine's Day everyone I knew gave me dark chocolate. Who knew that dark chocolate was a stress reliever? Apparently everyone who knew me and knew I needed to relieve some stress! Now I am in search of healthier stress-relieving habits... Daily Bible reading (which was one of the first things to go after our family nearly trippled in size), going to the gym (Anyone else just LOVE the elliptical?), writing (a rekindled romance), and eating healthier.
Check in whenever you like. Read anonymously. Offer kind advice. Share your own similar struggles and triumphs. Tell a joke.... Just don't tell Social Services. If they had any idea what went on in this mind of mine they'd not only take away our dfc (dear foster children) but DJ as well!

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