Monday, March 23, 2009

A Rather Blustery Day

We had our first big wind of the season yesterday afternoon. I kept hoping Mary Poppins would drift into our yard. Unfortunately she was a no-show. Also unfortunate, my camera's batteries were not charged, but picture the little boy and girl in The Cat in the Hat when they were sitting at the window watching the drizzly day... only there were five children in our window and they were ecstatic! They kept giving us minute-by-minute updates.
"The chair is moving again!"

"The power lines are moving!"

"The gate flew open!"
Even our little 16 month old Princess sat wide-eyed in a big kid chair watching with the boys. Once they all paraded to the north side of the house because one of the kids spotted a trash sack in a tree... way high up in a tree. Then we were all drawn back to the kitchen window when our 6 year old frantically yelled, “The lawn chair is sliding into the alley!” So with all five of our children watching at the window, dh and I ventured out to rescue the chair and re-latch the gate.
As soon as we got outside I had a devious plan, “Wouldn't it be funny if we acted like we were blowing away in the wind?” Hubby went first. He pretty much blew straight to the gate, but then he held onto it as if for dear life. My performance involved more spinning and arm flailing. Then we blew into the alley and hid around the side of the neighbor's fence laughing... or catching our breath. The 7 year old had been talking to me through the open window when hubby started blowing toward the alley. But suddenly all inside were silent. Once we were out of sight, we could hear the 6 year old yell, “Bob and Jenny just blew away!” Our sensitive 5 year old started to squeak fearfully, so we came back in the yard to put their little minds at ease.
While we were still in the alley we noticed the 4 year old neighbor boy watching from his window. He was quickly joined by his big brother. We were quite proud to have gotten six kids with one stunt.
Some might call it mean. We call it revenge... sweet revenge...

When I Googled "Windy umbrella" I found this silly picture of my favorite President. I figured I'd post it since I've been quite missing him.

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MamaMilty said...

Great prank! Chalk one up for Mom & Dad!