Sunday, September 12, 2010

All I Want is a Dress for a Little Girl!!!

Oh, and I don't want to pay $50 for one. Is that too much to ask? I invited my sister to go dress shopping at our local mall for my 3-year-old girl for her adoption next week. I thought it would be a simple task. But no! There were no cute, inexpensive dresses. There were plenty of skanky, expensive, grown-up, 80's punk-Cyndi-Lauper-ish, or just plain ugly ones. We finally found a cute one on clearance at Target. Yay! Should have gone there first.
And, of course, when I looked online to get pictures of some of the horrible dresses we found, see below, I found lots of adorable dresses and they were on sale, too. Figures.

Tiered Ruffle Dress

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John Linko said...

Hey, girls just wanna have fun..They just wanna, they just wanna..