Saturday, November 1, 2008

My intro for A Wife's Biblical Submission Bible Study

“Wives submit yourselves to your own husbands as unto the Lord…” ~~~ Ephesians 5:22

This one verse has been such a major part of my life. It was a stumbling block when I was unsaved. My mom and I would attend church together every once in awhile. But it seemed that every time we would go back, this would be one of the readings. We would cringe, sulk, talk it over begrudgingly, and vow not to go to church again.
Then in 2001 my brother-in-law and I got into an argument about homosexuality. He, his wife, and my other sister-in-law were talking about how they refused to watch a television show when one of the main characters came out of the closet. I was aghast at such intolerance. He showed me something in the Bible to prove his point. I looked up Ephesians 5:22 and handed the Bible back to him. He was a little perplexed because the passage I pointed to was so off the topic.
“Well,” I huffed, “This is just something ELSE that’s in the Bible that I don’t agree with!” Ugh! My poor brother-in-law. I can still see the incredulous look on his face. He went home and looked up passages to try to prove the Bible to me and I went home and looked up passages to prove just how badly women were treated in the Bible. He died in a motorcycle accident before we could finish our debate.
At his funeral the recurrent theme was how he was in Heaven because of Jesus. No one doubted it. I had always been told that it depended on how good you were and it was always a hope, but never an assurance that loved ones would go to Heaven. I started searching the Bible again. But this time I was not looking to proof it errant, I was looking for answers. I started reading Genesis and Romans a little each day and was so thrilled to find out how those two books coincided. It was true! Everything in that Book was absolutely true. I no longer had a doubt. Shortly after that I accepted Jesus as MY savior, not just savior of the world, but savior of ME.
My husband and I celebrated our 10th year of marriage this past May. We have one biological son (5 years old), 2 soon-to-be-adopted sons (7 & 6), a foster son (7) and his sister (1). We have six other foster children who are living with their families but are still part of our lives.
I found this intriguing Bible Study while Blog-hopping through I’m not sure exactly how I landed on this beautifully encouraging site, but am thankful I did, and looking forward to this study and meeting everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your story is touching. Praise God for that brother-in-law. It is so sweet how you searched for assurance of his being in heaven.

I just started this Bible study. Sunny’s loving, gentle teach is encouraging; knowing she is teaching something she is living really helps me.

Right now, I am struggling through her assignment on lesson three. I say struggling, because this assignment has really opened my eyes to how God see my actions.

Thanks again for your introduction.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome woman you are! You and your husband are doing such an amazing thing! I know that God has and is truly blessing you!

I am excited to start the study and journey with such wonderful, godly women!


Rose said...

Just wanted to say Hi.
I've just joined and i'm so excited to start.

I'm really looking forward to sharing.

I really like your Blog. You and your Husband are amazing for the things you do.

Many Blessings

Marisa Le'rin Salas said...

I have been doing this bible study from day one, and I am so glad that youare coming along this amazing journey as we become BSW

JesusRulzMe said...

Precious and dear sister!

I'm so delighted the Lord led you to join you can see, so is everyone else!

We truly have an amazing group of sisters who are all striving to do this very, very hard thing....submit...but biblically, not like the world thinks, but the way Jesus thinks....that's where we find true freedom and joy...only in Christ!

I'm so excited to get to know you better! I showed my oldest son your post the other day and we both think it's fabulous what God has called you to!

I'm praying for you sister as you travel with us!

Bless you dearly!

Dustybug said...

Welcome to the study! What a story! It's amazing how God chooses how to reach out to us, isn't it?

I hope that this study will bless your life like it has mine!

The Epsteens said...

WOW! What an amazing testimony! I too came to know Christ after being in open, defiant rebellion, by opening up my Bible and reading His Word of truth. This particular Scripture is what did me in: But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ. Ephesians 2.13

Isn't He amazing? I praise God for you, my sister, this morning!