Friday, November 28, 2008

Mugs to Fit My Moods

My western mug with the pistol.

Makes me feel like a Sherrif!
Power, Determination, a touch of Outlaw!

My Kitty Mug

I like how this one feels in my hand.
So when I'm feeling like snuggling up
to a nice hot cup of java or chocolate milk,
this is the one I want.

For when I'm feeling Ultra Feminine.

Right about this time one of my 7 year olds told my 6 year old,
"She's taking pictures of her coffee cup."
Poor kiddos, sometimes they really do wonder about me...
and with good reason!

My Banished Mugs.

My dh, not understanding my mug for every mood, banished my mugs to the top shelf. (and I'm short!) Now that it's hot cocoa season, I'll probably bring down my Disney mugs for the kids. I've got them trained right because at least one of my boys already has his special mug - The Lion King.

I hope you all have a super day! I will NOT be joining in the shopping madness. I may not even get out of my PJs. Although I do plan on much cleaning in preperation for putting up Christmas Decorations. Yee-Haw!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny,

Hello Jenny,

I like mugs, too.
AND I am with you on the PJs; one of my favorite things to do is stay in my PJs on a day off, at least until noon, if not all day.
AND I also am constantly taking pictures of random things, thanks to the digital camera. My husband often looks at me funny, and I say, “I know, I know, I am just having my fun”.

Happy cleaning and decorating!

Love, Ernestine :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,

I like you profile photo. Thank you for your comment. I am having a pleasant weekend, and yesterday was very joyful! God is faithful.

Did you get your tree up yet? Do you decorate a real or artificial tree? Do you decorate it yourself or have the children help?

We have an artificial tree, and the best thing about that is it is ready when I am. I usually like to put it up when the family is sleeping. I got up at 12:30 a.m. today, and it took me 1 ½ hours to put it up, that was after bringing in the boxes and laying it all out…altogether it probably took 1 hour and 45 min to 2 hours. That is why I like putting up while they sleep.

The lights are my next project. They take me several hours to arrange on the tree. That is because I put on first a complete layer of white lights and then a layer of colored lights, about 6 strings each; that is between 1500 to 1800 lights.

See you later.
Love, Ernestine :)

krista said...

looove days in pajamas, (although my husband doesn't understand it), i have toooo many mugs that often end up on the top shelf and i have to get a step stool to reach them. (i'm 5'2" on a good day!)

have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope that you and your family did too!

I too love days in Pj.s!! Sometimes we stay in them for most of the day and just do all of our chores and playing in our pj.s!! It is wonderful!! Plus I have a wonderful hubby that loves the natural me! I have never really worn make-up, which has made it to were I have great skin! I love that!! So my hunny says that he would much rather me wear no make-up and be comfortable around the house! I just love my Jimmy!

We have still not gotten our tree up yet. We normally put it up Thanksgiving night or the day after but with all the kids being sick we didn't do that this year. Plus, we need a new tree! We do artificial with our young kids and everyone's allergies! We wanted to get one that has the sections that you just attach the couple of sections but those are so expensive!

Ok I feel like I wrote a book!

Love you!