Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some God Thunkin'

I am in two Bible Studies. I figured it would be okay because one is almost over and the other is just beginning. Well, it just so happens that they are both powerfully insightful requiring much introspection. (Psalm 19:14 and Psalm 139:23,24) The first one is Beth Moore on Believing God. The latest assignment was to go through your life finding all those places that God was there. It is really hard to want to remember some of those times… not the “GodStops,” as she calls them, but what happened just prior. And I actually had a pretty happy childhood! But I’ve been procrastinating, not wanting to be uncomfortable or sad. Basically because I’m a chicken! I found out Sunday that a few of my friends in the study have also procrastinated for the same reasons. One friend mentioned that God did some “thunkin’” on her and she was forced to start delving into her past. She was encouraging and said it was hard but "Oh so Worth It!" Later that night while running errands I was thunked through K-love. This song, Whatever You’re Doing by Sanctus Real was playing and it so hit home. It should be playing on my playlist below. I’ll add a comment with the lyrics. The next two songs spoke to my heart as well: Back in His Arms Again by Mark Schultz and You Never Let Go by Matt Redman. I cried and prayed and although I did not write anything then, I did some sporadic remembering.
When I got home I sat at the piano bench and started flipping through a song book I used to play/sing from when I was younger. It had been in my piano bench forever and forgotten until my 1 year old recently “rearranged” my music. I opened it to the page with one of my favorite songs (The Way We Were) and started playing it and singing along, “Memories may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget.” Then this morning I remembered another verse that asks, “Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line?” Funny though, I actually remembered it as “or has God rewritten every line?” Interesting perspective.
I started writing down some of those memories last night and one of the illuminations was that my niece was born right when I was starting to have doubts about God. I was going to college and had one professor in particular who was very anti-Bible. At this point (September 1995) I was almost totally convinced that God did not exist. Well then my niece was born and I was there at the hospital. When I first saw her, I knew. I no longer doubted. She was just a little miracle and there was no doubt in my mind who made her. I’ve always looked at that as a coincidence. But now looking back I realize that God used her, or at least her timing, to bring me back to Him. I get goose-bumps thinking about it! I will keep this short (Oops. Too late!) because I want to do some more introspection. Here I am anxious to get back to what I had been putting off for so long. God was there all along! Praise Him!
One revelation I had recently had more to do with my second Bible Study, www.biblicalsubmission.blogspot.com. I need to create a family budget. Problem is, HOW? I know kind of the basics, but do any of you have any tips to get me started? This is something my hubby has been asking me to do for a very long time. I just get so overwhelmed with it I put it off and put it off. But when I started doing some homework for Biblical Submission “Budget” was one of the three things I’d written down. Then that night my hubby sweetly asked about it again.
Let’s see what my To Do List looks like… “Budget, Dig up scary emotional past, Clean, Blog…” Oh wait, here’s the more truthful order: “Blog, blog, blog, blog, eat, blog, sleep, blog.” Ha ha ha. And I just got my book, “Body for Life For Women” that I won from Sandy’s lovely blog, www.godspeakstoday.blogspot.com. I’ve got some work to do! Have a blessed Tuesday!!!!


The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

Lyrics for Whatever You’re Doing by Sanctus Real

It's time for healing time to move on
It's time to fix what's been broken too long
Time make right what has been wrong
It's time to find my way to where I belong
There's a wave that's crashing over me
And all I can do is surrender

Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but somehow there's peace
It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
but I'm giving in to something Heavenly

Time for a milestone
Time to begin again
Reevaluate who I really am
Am I doing everything to follow Your will
Or just climbing aimlessly over these hills
So show me what it is You want from me
I give everything I surrender...


Time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out
That I've wanted to say for so many years
Time to release all my held back tears

Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but I believe
You're up to something bigger than me
Larger than life something Heavenly

Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but now I can see
This is something bigger than me
Larger than life something Heavenly
Something Heavenly

It's time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out

momstheword said...

What a beautiful post of God's faithfulness to you. He is there working, even when we don't see him (Job 23:8-10). Sometimes it is by looking back that we can see His faithfullness in a big way.

I have some frugal websites listed on my blog (just look on the labels under "frugal sites").

Under blogs I read on the sidebar: Phoebe (under Cents to Get Debt Free) has written some great posts about snowballing your debt (if you have any). They are on her sidebar at the top right.

Check out $5 Dinners and Grocery Challenge (on my sidebar under Blogs I read) for helps to living within a food budget. They have recipes and also tell you how much money it costs. They talk about budgeting and saving money all the time. Also, you can check out my frugal posts (under frugal or saving money) but mine is more about ideas of how to save money. Check out my post "My Food Budget" if you're interested in seeing what the USDA says a family grocery budget should be.

The best way (and someone else can explain it better) is to list everything you are paying out for. List every monthly bill. If you are paying something once a year, then take the total amount you pay and divide it by 12 so that you can set money aside monthly.

Take some past grocery receipts to get an idea of how much money you're paying for food.

If you want to have a clothing budget, set an amount for that. Same for entertainment, savings, etc.

Basically, you just set an amount for bills, food, and other things like savings, entertainment, vacation, or whatever.

Start with your total paycheck (after taxes) and just start subtracting categories out of it. You should really have a category for where your money is going. You really don't want to have any left over.

Sorry that I didn't do this very well. There are two websites: Frugal.net and one called I've Paid for This Twice Already that would probably be great to look at. If you can't find them let me know and I'll give you the URL.

Dustybug said...

I second much of what was just said in the previous comment. When I was first attempting to make a budget, I wrote down every single bill we had, then divided them into categories: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. Then for one month, we wrote down every single penny that we spent, even if it was just a dollar, and what it was spent on. At the end of the month, I could then discern areas where we were spending too much money(we discovered my hubby spends too much on sodas at gas stations. lol) and areas where we could seriously cut back(eating out, etc). It was much easier to create a budget when I could see what I spent on average on certain things like grocery shopping.