Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom - one... Kid - zero!

I just had an incredibly empowering Mommy Moment! My 8 year old was not at the parent pick up area at school. My 7 year old was there along with my 6 year old, but no 8 year old. 7 year old informed me that 8 year old had forgotten his water bottle in the classroom and had gone back to retrieve it.
So we waited. And waited. I started wondering if I should call the school office and have him paged on the overhead when he came around the corner. He was moseying at a "not a care in the world" pace and once stopped to watch a kid on the playground. So I did what any Love and Logic Parent would do. I drove off. I got a little bit of a look from one of the teachers, but after I drove around the block and came back to get him, he was "a humble 8 year old, a sad and small 8 year old, an 'oh, momma, am I glad to see you, 8 year old.'"
And the wonderful teacher waiting beside him gave me the nod. The nod that says, "Good job, mom!" The one us often-insecure mommies don't see nearly often enough.
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Jenny in Utah said...

Love and Logic is the best ... we try to parent that way. I once told my kids I would drive off if they weren't waiting in the right area after school and I guess it worked because they haven't ever dared not be there (I didn't tell them that I would come right back, details, details ;)

Anyhow, way to go!

And sorry you dream about blogging, I do too sometimes ... silly!

Let me know if you start the Jenny club - I'm in!

Alicia said...

LOL, I'm sure he'll be there waiting for you tomorrow!! ;)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh that book has been recommended to me (You are talking about Parenting with Love and Logic, right?)

Guess I should put it on my list :)

Go mom!