Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pampered Piggies

My favorite store had a sale a few weeks ago. I told my hubby that I was going to purchase a $40 shirt for $25, but ended up spending over $70. I came home with a really cute pair of capris and 2 blouses. Plus, they had a drawing for a local hair & nails salon and I won a gift certificate! Woo-Hoo! I knew exactly what I would use it for... Tuesday I received my first ever pedicure. My feet are quite ticklish and I get nervous when I cut my own toenails, so I was a bit apprehensive. For no reason! It was so incredibly relaxing. What a treat!
If you haven't gotten one yet, you should! Ask for one for your anniversary, birthday, Easter gift. :) Whatever! But go get one.... NOW! Your little tootsies will thank you. Be careful though, I hear they can be addictive. I have a friend who gets one once a month. What I think I will do is use them as a major reward for certain goals I have. I'll keep you posted.
Have you treated your toes lately? I'd love to hear about it! What's your favorite nail polish color? My toes are currently showing off Opi's The Big Break . I was tempted to go with Didgeridoo Your Nails... Nail polish names are so much fun!


Becky said...

I'm so glad you got this treat! My mom treated me to one last Mother's Day and it was wonderful! My favorite OPI color is "I'm Really Not a Waitress." Who thinks up these names? Wouldn't that be a fun job to have-the polish color namer. : )

Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. I hope I have a book for you to read someday.

I'm so inspired by your heart for foster care. You must be a busy mama and most certainly deserved this pampering. : )

Jenny in Utah said...

I love your toes. I have been working all winter on having my toes ready for a summer pedicure, I am totally looking forward to it!