Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Three Boys who killed a Giant... Wasp!

Looking at these smug faces, you'd never know how much high-pitched screaming actually took place during, and moments leading up to, the kill. Well, you'd never know if their mama wasn't a big-mouthed-blogger! Poor fellas. 
The pleased one in the middle was quite quick on his feet... in retreat. The hunter on the left did the actual deed. Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky on the right was mostly tagging along for the fun of it all.

The trophy is in the bottom of the pink water bottle.

I asked the conqueror how he killed the wasp. The response I got was a highly entertaining reenactment with facial expressions that made me wish I'd had the camcorder instead of the digital camera.  I had to add the wasps, of course, since he'd already killed the real one. 

My youngest son was perfectly content with his living ladybug.

Ah, my champions.... Killers of bees and catcher of ladybugs.


BRiehl said...

I love it!!!

krista said...

very funny!

my son (& hubby) usually walk away and hollar for me if they see anything of the insect variety that needs caught or killed! lol!!!

hope you had a great mother's day!

enjoy your week,